The Gods Divided

published May 2017

Based on a true story, this tells of the love affair between Jewish airman Ben and married Catholic Olive, and her lifelong quest for the truth of what happened when his plane when missing in action.

The Gods Divided
Forbidden love. A wartime mystery. A lifelong search for the truth


Wartime love is always difficult – but for Jewish airman Ben and married
Catholic Olive, it’s even harder. Especially as – unusually for the times –
they have two children. To stay together, they must defy the expectations of
society, religion and Ben’s family.

When Ben goes missing in action, everything changes. Olive faces poverty
and prejudice as a single mother in 1940s Britain. She must make some tough
decisions, not only to support her sons but also to keep Ben’s memory alive.

As years pass and the facts seem to grow dimmer, she refuses to give up. But uncovering the truth is the hardest struggle of all. Will Olive ever discover what really happened to Ben after his plane went down?

Based on true events and meticulous research, The Gods Divided is a
haunting story of loss, hope, courage and the enduring power of love