The Gods Divided

published May 2017

Based on a true story, this tells of the love affair between Jewish airman Ben and married Catholic Olive, and her lifelong quest for the truth of what happened when his plane when missing in action.


book1A legal international thriller involving David Markham, a young ambitious unscrupulous Chairman of a subsidiary of a global government controlled company.

Commander Max Hardcastle, a high tech.boffin on advice from his Oxford mentor Dr Jonathan Lewis, sets up personalised defence systems for politically vulnerable leaders in the Middle East. Taken over by the global company on the false argument of ‘ National Security’, he finds himself losing everything until he is introduced by Lewis to an unorthodox lawyer, Robert Abramsky.

Using his political abilities, Abramsky against the odds wins the day for Hardcastle and ‘Retribution’ is first found in the sacking of Markham.

Markham, a serial sadistic womaniser, is ‘picked up’ by Nat Chomsky, head of the American side of a large scale international money laundering group. Markham meets Anouschka Petrova, a young and sexually alluring Russian girl on in the French Riviera and sets up home with her in his Villa in Spain.

Although Retribution is a novel, lawyers who practised in the 1970s and 1980s might recognise some of the characters. I explore how ‘truth’ is very often the casualty of the adversarial system and ask whether what happened to my central character, Robert Abramsky, could happen today… You will have to read the book to find out! I hope you enjoy Retribution – do email me to let me know what you think.