The Gods Divided

published May 2017

Based on a true story, this tells of the love affair between Jewish airman Ben and married Catholic Olive, and her lifelong quest for the truth of what happened when his plane when missing in action.



As those of you who read my last two books The Coburg Conspiracy and Retribution will
know, I am a former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and retired lawyer – I was Senior Partner of a
Hampshire firm of solicitors.

My passion is research; the detective element in writing a book fascinates me. In
The Coburg Conspiracy: Royal Plots and Manoeuvres, I unearthed unpublished letters
from Prince Albert’s mother to shed light on his legitimacy. In my second book, Retribution:
a legal thriller, I hold a mirror to England’s judiciary; stipendiary and High Court judges.

I’ve now turned my passion for research to write The Gods Divided: a Story of the Enduring
Power of Love.

This is a unique story of love between Catholic Olive (Bell) and Jewish Ben (Bloom) that
endured for over fifty years. Unusually for the times they had two children without being
married. When Ben, an airman, goes missing, everything changes.

The doggedness, through veils of despair and family hardships sustained over this long period by Olive, who never forgot nor ever gave up her determination to find Ben and close ithe chapter on their lives, fills every page.

In many ways, this is a tragic story of two people who found that religion stood in their way to a union of happiness and caused problems to their children. Religion forced them into a life of deceit with Ben’s family.

The book is being published in both ebook and paperback formats – I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Richard Sotnick